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It might start slowly. You get on a roller coaster that you used to love only to feel like the world is in motion for hours after. You might even notice when you stand too quickly that it takes an extra minute for your brain to catch up to your body
There are few people on the planet who have not experienced some form of back pain in their lives. From stiffness after a hard workout to pain from a slipped disc, most people want to know how they can treat their back pain from home while they wait
When it comes to back pain, there are three words no one wants to hear.
Research shows that 50% of the population has some sort of disc bulge or disc herniation. Not all of them are symptomatic and it can happen in young and old. How do you even know if you have a ruptured disc or disc degeneration?
There you were. Twenty-two years old, in the best shape of your life, playing racquetball with a cute girl you were trying to impress. She was matching you volley for volley, serve for serve when suddenly your competitive streak took over. Winding
Athletes over 40 are no strangers to the aches and pains associated with training hard. But just because you don't recover the way you used to doesn't mean you have to alter your training plan or resort to the regular use of anti-inflammatory
The problem with athletes who have crossed the line into their 40's is that, in many ways, they are still mentally 20 years old. Assuming they can bounce back after a particularly difficult workout, they often go straight from the gym to the shower
We could all use better posture in our daily lives. From the way we sit to the way we stand, our bodies are mechanically programmed to follow a path of least resistance. Bad habits caused by improper footwear, poor ergonomics or simple laziness can