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One of the first nursery rhymes a child learns is "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes." In an effort to teach the names of key body parts, the child sings along as they touch each one in turn. At some point in our lives, "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and
Your knees are absolutely fascinating things. Among the largest joints in the body, your knee consists of three bones, several tendons and even more ligaments that hold the structure together and keep you walking, running, lifting, bending, and
As hard as it sounds, it is time you broke up with stress. Like a toxic relationship with a person you just can't seem to quit, stress is not only harming your mental health, but the effects of stress are hurting you physically as well. Yet breaking
Every morning there's that moment. You know the one just after your alarm goes off before you sit up? Every bone, muscle and joint feels the way it should, the way it did in your teens and twenties. Back then, you could put your body through the
Americans are stressed.
I see you there, sitting on the side of your bed, hesitating before standing up. You're waiting to see if the same ache you have been experiencing for years is there after 18 holes of golf or a particularly tough session at the gym or that long run
I know, I know. You're too busy to deal with an old injury. It doesn't bother you that often nor does it impede your ability to do what you want that much. You may have even visited a surgeon who recommended physical therapy or surgery or another
"But" is one of the most commonly used words when it comes to physical fitness.
The brain is one of the most complex and vital organs in the human body. Preserving the brain over the course of a lifetime is not only the life's work of many medical professionals, it is the goal of every human on the planet. Yet few of us truly