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It might start slowly. You get on a roller coaster that you used to love only to feel like the world is in motion for hours after. You might even notice when you stand too quickly that it takes an extra minute for your brain to catch up to your body
Getting older tends to sneak up on you. One day you look in the mirror and see the face that has been staring back for 20 years and the next you wonder, "Who is that old person staring back at me?"
There are few people on the planet who have not experienced some form of back pain in their lives. From stiffness after a hard workout to pain from a slipped disc, most people want to know how they can treat their back pain from home while they wait
When it comes to back pain, there are three words no one wants to hear.
Research shows that 50% of the population has some sort of disc bulge or disc herniation. Not all of them are symptomatic and it can happen in young and old. How do you even know if you have a ruptured disc or disc degeneration?
It's almost a New Year and exciting things are happening at Sandstone Chiropractic. Not only are we committed to helping you reach your health, wellness and fitness goals this year, we are adding three exciting new services to our comprehensive
As the largest joint in the body, your knees are subject to all sorts of abuse. Consider how many times in a day you sit down, stand up, climb stairs, walk, run, jump, reach, turn, or bend. It's no wonder that more than 10 million people suffer from
After a certain point in your life, getting older is no longer a sign of maturity, instead, it is a signal of the steady physical decline we all experience. That's not to say you have to succumb to sitting in your recliner and yelling at kids to get
What is always there, but never shows its face? What tenses your muscles without ever physically touching your body?
If you are like a lot of people who participated in sports through junior high, high school and college, there are probably a few things you would go back and tell yourself. You would likely tell yourself to mind your form while you were working